Let’s face it, February is a killer!

It’s cold, it’s miserable, it’s that home stretch just before Spring. Why do you think Tim Hortons introduces it’s Roll up the Rim promotion during February? It’s to give us desperate Canadians some much needed comfort and joy.

In light of all this February gloom, we at Red Tent have a simple theory, and like all great theories it is paradoxical. In order to cure our case of winter, we need to face it straight on. We need to get outside, and get wild in the city!

Wild in the City

Let’s not hibernate in our little homes waiting for the season to pass, but let’s embrace it.  Let’s view this as a limited time offer (it only comes once a year), the city is open to being discovered in new ways. The snow and ice transforms our cityscapes into a magical wonderland that is waiting to be discovered. So why not get out there and hike, ski, snowboard, snowshoe, ice climb, toboggan, surf, jump in some snow?

The home stretch is always the hardest part. But instead of counting down the seconds let’s give it one last sprint to the end. Let’s finish this February strong. The Timmy’s coffee always tastes better after.

Humber Bay in the Winter

In order to test our theory, Red Tent is making an effort to get out every weekend and get wild in the city. We will be documenting our little adventures and we hope you will join us. Let’s get wild together! First up on our list – Humber Bay Park.

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