This past July we, the Red Tent ladies packed up our climbing gear and tent (which happened to be green) and made our way to Europe on an 18 day road trip capturing footage and exploring wild places along the way. The trip entailed two of our members Sarah Paul and Franziska Brand heading out from Germany and driving down to Spain to pick up our third musketeer РSarah Carlson who was doing an artist residency in Can Serrat exploring the relationship between art and wild experiences. The trip combined food, wine, people, climbing, surfing, hiking, and adventure! As is typical of all road trips, one spends hours confined in a tight space which can only lead to a range of long winded and ridiculous conversations. Amongst the laughter and nonsensicalness arose some interesting themes that apply to who we are as Red Tent Media, what we value as people, and the wild spaces we inhabit. The following blog posts are an exploration of these thoughts and ideas.

Red Tent Media Team
Red Tent Media European Road Trip

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