At one time red pine old-growth forests spanned across North America. Today, only 1.2% of that old-growth forest remain. Located in Ontario’s mining capital – Sudbury – Wolf Lake stands as a rich but fragile ecological gem. In 1999 the government of Ontario committed to protect Wolf Lake however mining claims and leases surrounding the lake prevented its inclusion into the Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park. Journey with adventurers, scientists, historians and environmental activists seeking to protect Wolf Lake.

Director/producer/editor: Franziska Brand, Sarah Paul // Red Tent Media
Executive Producer: Friends of Temagami
Associate Producer: Rob Nelson
Cinematography: Sarah Paul, Franziska Brand, Christoph Benfey
Additional Cinematography: Sarah Carlson, Joshua Weykamp
Original Music, Sound Editing & Mixing: Sasha Szlafarski
Additional Sound Editing: Ryan Comerford
Graphics: Sarah Paul
Timelapse and Photography: Rob Nelson, Franziska Brand
Stock & Archival Media: Brian Back, Getty Images, Franco Mariotti, Peter McMillen, Sudbury Archives, Temagami Wilderness Society/Earthroots, David “Hap” Wilson
Script Consultant: Ian Muller, Christoph Benfey

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