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These past two months we’ve had the opportunity to work with a great crew of people from Climb for Cancer – an annual climbing marathon held throughout various gyms within the Toronto area. The whole process has confirmed our belief that (as cliche as it may sound) team work makes the dream work. One would think that when it comes to building a successful business, the more clients  one attracts the better. However we would beg to differ, especially when it comes to the creative industry. In our opinion there is something like, “the right fit”. Kind of like finding the right pair of climbing shoes. The shoe has to be the right fit in order to achieve the maximum amount of performance.

Climb for Cancer

The most important thing in a creative partnership is the mutual vision for a project because this is how the best type of work is produced. It is the excitement of a shared vision that makes someone work the extra hour or get the extra shot, and it’s those things that make the difference between something good and something great. Just as important is a mutual sense of trust. It is our experience that clients that are willing to trust us to carry out their vision are the one’s most likely to be happy with the results. There is an understanding that we are working to create something of quality that will not only reflect the client, but us as well. While these types of clients might be harder to find they are definitely worth waiting for. Great people tend to attract more great people and hopefully some awesome projects too!

Climb for Cancer

All that being said we wanted to say a big thank to everyone involved in this year’s Climb for Cancer promotion. We met a lot of wonderful people and you were a joy to work with.

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