We are all drawn to the big names in adventure sports like Chris Sharma and Sasha DiGiulan who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we believe is possible, creating a next generation of athletes seeking to take their turn at the extraordinary. While these often death defying feats are breathtaking and inspiring, they are also unattainable for most of us. Media often covers extraordinary events because they obviously make “great news”. However this is not necessarily attainable for the everyday person – even if we quit our jobs, live out of our vans and climb all day. Don’t get us wrong, that would be sweet! But one of the things that excites us at Red Tent Media, is making the ordinary extraordinary. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has the ability to pick a destination, strap on some shoes and explore nature. There are communities of everyday adventurists emerging all throughout Canada – teaching, encouraging and challenging one another to reach greater heights in their own ways. Be it completing the 5km run or finishing the Boston Marathon that we’ve been training for. The feeling of excitement, and accomplishment remain the same, and that’s the moment we want to capture.

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Red Tent Media European Road Trip

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